Whole Partnerships: November 8-11, 2018

We make time for our families, our work and giving back. Join me at the amazing Topnotch Resort and Spa for a weekend that’s all about your relationship. About you and your partner. It’s not couples therapy. No mandatory sharing or public processing. It’s a chance to learn, to listen, to reflect, and to be together without distractions, making your relationship your priority.


    • Bring your authentic selves back into relationship.
    • Connect with your partner in body, mind, heart and spirit.
    • Reawaken sexual and emotional playfulness and intimacy.
    • Enjoy a romantic getaway, treat yourself to spa services, and integrate all you will be learning and experiencing.

Reduced room rates are available, subject to availability.  Workshop fee of $2,000 per couple covers tuition, couples massage class, welcome dinner Thursday evening, lunch Friday and Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.  SPECIAL OFFER!  Refer another couple who registers, or register together with another couple, and both couples will receive a special discounted price of $1,500.

For couples who choose to stay at the Topnotch Resort and Spa, rooms are available at a block rate of $189. Participants are encouraged to enjoy the wonderful spa, recreational and dining options available at Topnotch and the greater Stowe area, and we are happy to help with recommendations and reservations.

The retreat will unpack the following ideas:

Introduction to the Concept of Whole Partnership

We live in a fast paced, intellectually driven culture that values the workings of the mind, and often neglects the experience of the heart, body and spirit. When we know ourselves in all of these ways and we learn to share our integrated selves with our partners — body, mind, heart and spirit — we deepen our experience of intimacy, increase our pleasure, and turn the volume up on our vitality, creativity and joy. You will be introduced to a model to guide this process of discovering your integrated, authentic self, so that you can experience Whole Partnership.

Differentiation for Whole Partnership

Many of us learn, through both explicit and implicit messages, to hide, shrink, or exaggerate certain parts of ourselves in order to be who we think our partners need us to be. We may fear a partner’s judgment, or fear hurting their feelings or angering them. We often feel responsible for our partner’s happiness, and for their discomfort. These are common experiences of enmeshment, a pattern that leads to resentment, loneliness, and a drop in sexual connection. Commonly couples also experience dynamics of estrangement, where one or both people escape the enmeshment by shutting down, walking out, or otherwise isolating from each other. In this workshop, you will learn to identify patterns of enmeshment and estrangement in your relationship, and build the game-changing alternative of differentiation.

Understanding Attachment Styles and Family Cultures

Based on our early life experiences, we all develop an attachment style that guides how we interact with our partners. Through this workshop you will be able to identify the attachment styles you and your partner bring to your relationship. Learn common pitfalls in relational dynamics when these styles come together, as well as ways to relate to each other to increase mutual understanding, comfort in intimacy, and attachment security. In the process of exploring attachment, we will also learn about the relational “culture” you and your partner bring to each other from your experiences with your families and communities, and develop consciousness around the relational culture you choose to create together, moving forward.

Vitality in Sexual Connection

Couples report greater happiness in their relationships when they are sexually connected, enjoying pleasure and intimacy with their partners. Whether you are seeking to revitalize a sexual connection that has stagnated, create greater depth and playfulness in a vibrant sex life, or gain knowledge and tools for building a sexual partnership that is resilient over a lifetime, Whole Partnership can help. We will debunk common sex myths, and learn how to keep a real-life sex life active. We will explore what it means to bring our Whole selves to sex – body, mind, heart, and spirit. As an added bonus, you will learn techniques for couples massage from a professional massage therapist to help foster connective touch.



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