Therapeutic Retreats for Individuals

All therapeutic retreats for individuals take place in a lakeside home on the wooded shores of Lake Damariscotta, Maine. The location is discreet, private, and aesthetically healing. The quiet lakeside home will be your living and working space for the duration of the retreat. Meal options include grocery delivery for home cooking, catering, and/or meals out in town. Please contact me to inquire about any of the retreat opportunities.

Lake From LawnTherapeutic Retreats for Individuals
A personal therapeutic retreat utilizing my Compassionate Authenticity model of therapeutic change can be an excellent fit for individuals living fast-paced, high profile life styles.  The focus of my work with all clients is the development of the authentic self and of the capacity to maintain authenticity in relationship to others, rather than shrinking, altering or adapting the self to be who we perceive others need us to be.  This can be a particularly challenging growth edge for people who live much of their lives in the public eye, where external expectations are clear and present, and judgments from others are vocal and free flowing.  Even though a public life feels built upon approval from others, I believe that authenticity nurtures the confidence, vision and vitality required to live fully and healthfully, and the energy required to live publicly.  By releasing limiting expectations and reconnecting with and integrating hidden parts of your authentic self, we can generate joy, creativity, and momentum on your path.  You can lead, create, perform and manifest most effectively as your fully empowered self.

For more information or to register for an intensive, please contact me.