Therapeutic Retreats for Couples

All therapeutic retreats for couples take place in a lakeside home on the wooded shores of Lake Damariscotta, Maine.  The location is discreet, private, and aesthetically healing.  The quiet lakeside home will be your living and working space for the duration of the retreat.  Meal options include grocery delivery for home cooking, catering, and/or meals out in town.  Please contact me to inquire about any of the retreat opportunities.

Cottage From ShoreTherapeutic Retreats for Couples
For couples interested in efficiently breaking old patterns and creating positive change in their relationship, I offer two-day therapeutic retreats.  Each retreat is private, for one couple at a time, and is personalized to meet the couple’s needs and goals.  Typically I spend most of the time with both partners together as a couple, as well as some time with each partner, individually, to clarify your experiences, perspectives and desires.

A couples retreat includes:

* Understanding your history
* Assessment of the stuck places
* Clear iteration of each partner’s relational hopes and dreams
* Developing differentiation so each individual can be full in the partnership
* Working through old pain in new ways
* Interventions to break patterns and set a new course
* Reawakening intimacy, optimism, and playfulness
* Future planning to support the new positive changes

For more information or to register for an intensive, please contact me.