Sex Therapy

Lindsay Jernigan licensed clinical psychologist practicing in South Burlington, Vermont.

I have trained extensively with Dr. Gina Ogden, the founder of the 4-D approach to sex therapy.  This model conceptualizes the individual as an integration of body, mind, heart and spirit, and helps clients actively explore, heal and expand their experience of themselves in these areas.  I have seen many people move out of old, unsatisfying patterns and towards increased vitality through this work.  The goal of Wheel work is an enhanced and deeply integrated sense of self which allows for more gratifying intimacy with others, which makes it a great fit for me in the work I do with clients, helping them return to their vibrant, authentic selves.  The 4-D Wheel harkens back to ancient rituals of healing, and time and time again, it proves itself to be a powerful healing platform in therapy.  It can be used simply as a guiding principle, or we can construct a Wheel in the room which we can literally walk through as we explore patterns you want to release and how they impact you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and we literally help you “step into” your desired state of being.

I am honored to have collaborated with Gina on her latest book, Exploring Desire and Intimacy: A Workbook for Creative Clinicians, published by Routledge (2017), which introduces the 4-D Wheel as a therapeutic tool.

Please also check out this 3-chapter FreeBook, Integrative Sex Therapy: A Step-by-Step Approach to Helping Your Clients, Even When you Don’t Have All the Answers (Routledge, 2017), which offers Gina’s masterful introduction to the 4-D Wheel, along with a case presentation I contributed describing my 4-D work with a client.

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